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Legal Filings

Lowhill Township Warehouse Applications and Appeals

Trammel Crow Proposed Warehouse, 2766 Route 100, Lowhill Township.

  1. The proposed Trammel Crow warehouse, proposed for the property located at 2766 Route 100, Lowhill Township was granted preliminary land development approval on [date].

CRG Services Management, LLC Proposed Warehouse, 2951 Betz Court, Orefield.

  1. The CRG Services Management, LLC ("CRG") warehouse proposed for the property located at 2951 Betz Court was denied preliminary land development approval on October 7, 2022. [Decision].
  2. CRG filed a Notice of Appeal with the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas on November 3, 2022. [Notice of Appeal].
  3. Appellant CRG filed its Brief in Support of its Land Use Appeal on January 3, 2023. [Brief].
  4. CRG Request for the Production of Documents served on Lowhill Township, dated ___. [Discovery request].
  5. Lowhill Township's Responses to Appellant's First Request for the Production of Documents, dated January 11, 2023. [Lowhill Discovery Response].
  6. Appellee Lowhill Township filed its Brief in Opposition to CRG's Land Use Appeal on January 23, 2023. [Lowhill Brief in Opposition].
  7. Appellant CRG filed a Motion to for Leave to Conduct Discovery and Brief on January 20, 2023. [Motion and Brief].
  8. Oral argument on the motion was held February 1, 2023 before the Honorable Thomas M. Gaffrey.
  9. Appellee Lowhill Township filed its Answer and Brief in Opposition to the Motion to Conduct Discovery on February 9, 2023. [Answer and Brief].
  10. Oral Argument on CRG's Land Use Appeal is scheduled for March 23, 2023. [Order]

CRG Services Management, LLC v. Lowhill Township, (LCCP Docket No. 2022-C-2786).

  1. CRG initiated an action in Mandamus against Lowhill Township and its Supervisors on December 1, 2022, seeking to compel the issuance of preliminary plan approval. [Complaint].
  2. Lowhill Township filed Preliminary Objections to CRG’s complaint on January 9. 2023. [Preliminary Objections].
  3. CRG filed an Amended Complaint in Mandamus in response to Lowhill Township's Preliminary Objections on January 11, 2023. [Amended Complaint].
  4. Lowhill Township, through its insurance counsel, filed Preliminary Objections to CRG's Amended Complaint on January 31, 2023. [Preliminary Objections].
  5. Oral Argument on Lowhill Township's preliminary objections to the amended complaint has not been scheduled.

Core5 Proposed Warehouse, 7503 Kernsville Road, Lowhill Township.

  1. The Core5 warehouse proposed for the property located at 7503 Kernsville Road was denied preliminary land development approval on November 28, 2022, confirmed in writing December 6, 2022. [Decision].
  2. Core5 filed a Complaint against Lowhill Township on December 22, 2022, for Declaratory Relief, Mandamus, and Land Use Appeal. [Complaint].
  3. Lowhill Township, represented by its insurance carrier, filed Preliminary Objections to Core5's complaint on January 8, 2023. [Preliminary Objections].
  4. Oral Argument on Lowhilll Township’s preliminary objections is scheduled for March 29, 2023, before the Honorable Michele A. Varricchio.

Lowhill Township Land Use Appeal from Core5's Legal Notice of a Deemed Approval.

  1. Lowhill Township filed a Land Use Appeal from the Advertised Deemed Approval of Core5 at Route 100, LLC and Core5 Industrial Partners, LLC, on February 3, 2023. [Appeal].

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