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New Tripoli, PA 18066
Office: 610-298-2641
Shop/24 hrs: 610-298-2607


Lowhill Township What are current Real Estate Tax Rates for Lowhill Township property owners?

Real Estate Taxes
County – 3.78 mills
Township - .66425 mills
Fire - .44 mills
School District – 18.339 mills (rate as of 1/1/2022)

Township Earned Income Tax
.5%, School Earned Income Tax
.5% Lowhill Township

Township Local Services Tax
$10.00 Annually

State Income Tax

Real Estate Transfer Tax
2% on the purchase price is comprised of the following distribution
State – 1%
Northwestern Lehigh School District - .5% and Lowhill Township .5%
Rates in other Municipalities may differ.

How do I get a copy of an ordinance?
Copies are available for examination or purchase at the Administration office.

How do I contact the Tax Collector?

Carol Betz
PO Box A
Orefield, Pa 18069

H.A. Berkheimer, Inc
50 North 7th Street
Bangor. PA 18013

Trash Hauler
Lowhill Township does not have contract with a municipal waste provider. You may choose whomever you would like for trash and recycling pick up.

How do I contact the Road Master?
Joe Kalusky
Maintenance Building Located at:
7000 Herber Road
New Tripoli, PA 18066

I want to put up a fence, and plant a tree in the front of my property, what do I need to do?
To make sure you are in compliance with the Township’s Road Setback requirements regarding fencing, planting of trees or shrubs, etc.

Please contact the administration building and make certain that what you hope to do will not encroach into the Township “right of way”.

Contact Joe Kalusky, Road Master at 610-298-2607 and BEFORE YOU DIG. Call 1-800-242-1776.

This is a requirement before anyone digs, so that if power lines, gas lines, etc. are present, someone from the State will come out and locate them.

How do I know if the Township is currently under a Burn Ban?
A burn ban automatically goes into effect whenever the Township is under a red flag warning or enhanced fire danger warning from the National Weather Service. Or during extreme drought conditions. If you are unsure, please contact the Township.

Signs will be posted outside the Lowhill Township Municipal building (7000 Herber Road). Lehigh County dispatchers will notify you when you call in a controlled burn to 610-437-5252.

Where do I obtain voter information?
Voter registration forms, as well as information about related issues such as write in voting absentee voting and accessibility issues is available from the Lehigh County Voter Registration office located at:

Lehigh County Voter Registration
17 S. 7th Street
Allentown, Pa 18101

If you are not a registered voter in Lowhill Township, you must register with the county to be eligible to vote. You can find general information on the Lehigh County website.

Voter registration forms may also be picked up at the Lowhill Township Municipal Bui8lding during normal business hours.

Lowhill Township is comprised of a single voting district and single polling place located at:
Lowhill Township Municipal Building
7000 Herber Road
New Tripoli, Pa 18066

Pollilng Place Is open from 7 am to 8 pm

Who needs a moving permit?
Any person, business or other entity that moves into, out of or within the Township. The permit is available on our Forms & Documents section or may be obtained at the Township Building. There is no cost associated with this permit.

Lowhill Township