7000 Herber Rd
New Tripoli, PA 18066
Office: 610-298-2641
Shop/24 hrs: 610-298-2607

Public Works

Lowhill Township The Township public works crew provides many important services for Township residents. The crew consists of full time workers, the Road Master and seasonal workers.

There are 43.46 miles of Township owned roads in Lowhill Township. The other 21.09 miles are maintained by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). PennDot’s responsibilities include Route 100, Claussville Road, Game Preserve Road, Holbens Valley Road, Kernsville Road, Lyon Valley Road, Mill Creek Road, Sell Road and Werley’s Corner Road.

The Lowhill public works department maintains Township owned roadways, signs, signals, pavement markings, drainage ways and road vegetation along Township roads.

The Department responds as necessary to any weather related situation which adversely impacts Township Roads. At times during the winter season, there will be 24-hour coverage during prolonged winter weather.

The Department maintains the Storm Water Management System, including the Township's system of regional detention areas which have been dedicated to the Township, including: storm water pipes, inlets and swales.

In addition to its major functions, the Public Works Department has responsibilities for truck, vehicle and equipment maintenance.

Maintenance Building Location
7000 Herber Road
New Tripoli, Pa 18066
Road Master: Joe Kalusky
Phone: 610-298-2607

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